Hello! Thank you so much for the electrode samples! So far, I'm finding them very comparable to the VitalStim electrodes. Very sturdy. I'm planning on doing a blog post on various electrodes and qualities!!


I actually tried these out myself on a male patient for several sessions and really like them. They stick really well and I did not have any problems with them peeling off the patient or not sticking to his skin. I feel that these are superior to the current electrodes we use and will speak with Stewart and Rick about ordering Freedom Stim electrodes as soon as we run out of the other. Thanks!


We completed our trials with the electrodes and we did not find any issues with the electrodes. Electrode impedance, patient tolerance, biofeedback readings and submaximal contraction levels with both the monophasic and biphasic waveforms were unremarkable. I have no reason to believe that these electrodes are inferior to the vitalstim electrodes.


We have been doing fine with the sample electrodes, so we plan on ordering these from now on.


I tried the Freedom Stim dysphagia electrodes on myself and on a patient...LOVE ‘EM! We will be placing an order soon, though. Thanks!


The speech therapist liked them a lot, so we just placed our first order. Thanks for bringing them to our attention!


I spoke with our OP SLP, and we will be ordering the Freedom Stim electrodes next week. She actually just used them for the 1st time today and liked them a lot. Thank you for the great product and the follow up!


Myself and my staff are very happy with these electrodes. We like to use them both connected and as we need to cut them apart, then that presented no issue at all. We really like how well they stick. We will be ordering them to use on both our VitalStim and Experia units